"Competent and Dependable Guidance"
    At a difficult time in my life, David Kovari did an excellent job instructing me on the proper pathway toward filing and eventually getting my Order of Discharge in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Thanks to his expertise, everything went smoothly resulting in a very prompt and satisfactory completion of my case.
    "Great Bankruptcy Lawyer"
    Our experience with Mr. Kovari was outstanding. He has been referred to us by a friend and we are still grateful for having the chance to work with Mr. Kovari. It was great to work with him, he was very friendly, and always there to answer any questions over the phone or e mail. Going through the bankruptcy deals with all kinds of emotions, anxiety, fears and worries but Mr.Kovari took the time to listen to our problems and walked us step by step to the whole process, helped us get the best solution for our situation so now , we are debt free, going on with our lives thanks to Mr. Kovari.
    "I Owe My Life to Attorney David Kovari"
    With as much that is going on in this world, and all the clients David consults with, he still made me feel like I was his only client. The recession is kicking my butt, but David made it as easy and painless as possible. I would recommend him and his firm to everyone I know..